Request charge card


If you already have an Ecotap account you can request a charge card/key through the contact-form in your account.
The contact-form can be found there by clicking on the envelope icon in the top right corner of the green bar.
Enter your customer name, customer number and the number of cards / keys that you want to request.
The first card is free, thereafter they cost € 5,50 per item excl. VAT.
The price of a chargepoint key is € 8,75 excl. VAT.
For shipping abroad we ask shipping costs.

Pay attention:

  • If you receive (or already have) a pass from a leasing company, you should not use the Ecotap chargecards!
  • A subscription is not linked to a charge card, but to the charge point.
  • You get 1 charge card for free per account, not per charge point.
  • Ecotap charge cards can be used at public charging points across Europe.


Create an account to request your charge card:

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