Charge point activation

To be able to use your charging point you must first activate it in 2 mandatory steps:

2. Call the Helpdesk during office hours to activate your charging point: 0411-74 50 20 (Mon to Thu 8.30am-5pm, Fri 8.30am-4pm). It is not possible to activate your charging point during the weekend.

For questions:
Send an email to
or call +31 (0) 411 74 50 20

Questions about charge points

1. Check whether the switch in the meter cupboard is switched on 2. Check whether the earth leakage switch in the charging system is switched on (watch instruction video)

The charging point number can be found on the doming plate of the charging station. The dome plate also includes the LED light.

Furthermore, there is a module number on the inside of the plug cover or in the holder of the plug if your charging system is equipped with a fixed cable.

After activation of the charge point through our helpdesk, we ensure that an invoice is sent every month to the bank account that belongs to the charge card. When you use a card from a leasing company, the bill goes to your leasing company. At the same time a credit note of the same amount is sent to the refund account. If you are the owner of a charge point, this is your private bank account. This way you will be compensated every month for electricity costs of charging at home.

If you own the charging point, you can take it with you to your new home. Please contact our helpdesk if you are not sure whether you own the charge point. We recommend that you seek the assistance of an electrician who is familiar with the product. As soon as the charging point has been installed at your new home, the address can be changed by our helpdesk.

There are several ways to charge an electric car. These can be classified based on loading speed:

  1. Charging via the standard socket – An electric car can be charged via a regular socket. However, this is also by far the slowest and especially the least safe way. An average electric car will be fully charged in this way within 6 to 12 hours.
  2. Charging stations (Alternating current / AC) – An (Ecotap) charging station offers the possibility to charge a car quickly and above all safely. However, it is difficult to give a good answer to the question of how long it takes to charge an electric car.
    The charging time depends on the type and model of the car, the connection in your meter cupboard and the charging cable you use. In any case, know that all Ecotap AC charging systems are prepared for 3×32 A (22kw).
  3. Fast Charging Poles (Direct Current / DC) – As the word goes, charging over direct current / DC is the fastest way to fill a car. Unfortunately there are some electric cars that do not yet have a DC input in the car and can only charge over alternating current / AC with option 2. Actual speed and loading time will depend on many factors:
    – the maximum charging speed of the car
    – the SOC (state of Charge) of the battery
    – the maximum speed of the charging station. (view the different speeds of ecotap fast chargers here)
  1. Connect your charging plug with your charging point
  2. Connect your charging plug in the car
  3. Hold your pass over the scanning point of the relevant charging point.
  4. Wait until you hear a beep (within 3 seconds). If the light turns blue, the charging process starts.
  5. You can end the charging process by holding your pass over the scanning point again, waiting for the beep and then disconnecting the plug.

Status indication

  • Flashing Green: Standby
  • Blue: Charging
  • Flashing Red: Card unknown or cable not properly connected
  • Red: Charging Point not available/Malfunction
  • Green: Battery full


If you already have an Ecotap account you can request a charging card/key through the contact form in your account. 
The contact-form can be found there by clicking on the envelope icon in the top right corner of the green bar.
Enter your customer name, customer number and the number of cards / keys that you want to request.
The first 2 passes are free, thereafter they cost € 2 per item excl. VAT.
The price of a chargepoint  key is € 5.95 excl. VAT.
For shipping abroad we ask shipping costs.