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You value a healthy living environment. Electric transport is therefore evident for you. Responsible electric charging is part of that. That is why you set the highest demands on your charger in terms of safety, technology and convenience. A smooth charging solution that gives you the peace of mind that everything is perfectly arranged. And which is also easy to install, operate and maintain. You do it your way. You choose Ecotap. You’re in charge.


The number of electric drivers is increasing rapidly. It is therefore logical that you also need to select one or more charging solutions for the company. An ideal, smooth charging solution for team members and visitors. Moreover, a solution that proves itself in terms of ease of use.


As an installer you play a key role in sustainability and safety. You therefore know better than anyone how to advise and install electric charging solutions for vehicles. In doing so, you choose the very best. And for ease of installation and service. It's so arranged with Ecotap.


Ecotap offers a convenient and fast charging solution for at home, at work, on the road… just where you want. For every electric and plug-in vehicle. Thanks to the smart charging chip, the speed of charging is automatically adjusted and charging stops as soon as the vehicle is fully supplied.


Ecotap charging stations

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DC30 / DC60

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Electric driving means cleaner and more economical driving. No particulate matter is emitted and electricity is cheaper than fossil fuels. It is therefore logical that there is a great need for electric charging for private, communal or business purposes. It is also logical that companies facilitate things. And it is only logical that they work together with Ecotap. Business in need of positivity? Choose your sector.


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“Charging must enter your system for a while”
“Electric driving is fantastic!” She is full of enthusiasm. Inez van Kronenberg (43) from Meerlo, North Limburg, says she feels “like a queen” in her car. She has been driving a striking Peugeot 208 from the company since just before Christmas 2020. The sustainability consultant at Avalon Advies in Elst charges this as much as possible

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