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About us


Ecotap is an initiative of three passionate entrepreneurs. It was founded in 2011 and was given a specific purpose through the development of charging stations for electric cars, bicycles, scooters and mobility scooters. Charging stations that offer maximum ease of use and are resistant to vandalism (durable, integrated components). Two clear principles to provide the best possible long-term service to both the user and the owner of the charging station.

Ecotap personeel

Our philosophy

The world around us is changing rapidly. Most people are aware of the ever-increasing CO2 emissions, large-scale deforestation across the globe, and the depletion of fossil fuels. All in all, the human race is a huge, disproportionate burden on the environment. It is time for solutions. And that is exactly what today’s consumer expects from Dutch businesspeople. Retailers, producers and everyone else involved are all expected to give real meaning to the term ‘green business’. It is becoming a new prerequisite; those who do not engage in corporate social responsibility will ultimately not gain the consumer’s favour. Green business is often thought to entail complex, costly solutions. As a result, especially in a period of recession, these solutions take a back seat. This is a mistake, because the consumer wants things to actually happen. Ecotap created the solution: a charging station for electric transport.

The company

We are living in a highly diffuse society, ranging from – for instance – resilient or vulnerable people, highly independent or highly dependent people, and others with or without a serious disability. This diversity is exactly what makes our society so wonderful. So it’s strange that the business world does not reflect this great, somewhat eclectic mix of people in our communities. This discrepancy has urged us at Ecotap to take a different approach. At Ecotap, we never recruit on the basis of any disabilities a candidate may have, but on the basis of their will and persistence to do great things. Those who are willing, but possibly not yet (fully) able are helped by Ecotap to actually become a successful team member. Team member recruitment and selection involves close deliberation with the Dutch work and unemployment authority, the UWV.

This open-minded approach to hiring has resulted in the most motivated group of employees any company could wish for. At our Boxtel location, all kinds of people are hard at work in the following fields, among others:

  • development/engineering
  • purchasing and assembly
  • quality control
  • transport and installation
  • communication
  • sales
PSO keurmerk

Ecotap was awarded the Dutch PSO performance ladder certificate for social entrepreneurship, which helps us show the world how we try to contribute to employment for people with a more vulnerable position on the job market. In the context of MVO People or in purchasing and tendering.

Achieved quality marks / prizes

FD Gazellen
Technology Fast 50
Sprout Challenger 50
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