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Ecotap is part of Legrand

As leading provider of EV charging solutions in the Netherlands, Ecotap became part of Legrand SA on 2 August 2021, finding an optimal growth partner to support its international expansion. Importantly, Legrand ranks high in its ESG policy and actively supports social entrepreneurship and diversity, making it a perfect fit with Ecotap’s culture.

Legrand is the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures. Its comprehensive range of solutions for commercial, industrial and residential markets makes it a reference for customers around the world. The group leverages technological and social trends with lasting impact on buildings with the aim of improving lives by transforming the spaces where people live, work and meet with electrical, digital infrastructures and connected solutions that are simple, innovative and sustainable.

You’re in charge

We can all contribute to the climate through smart solutions. Electric driving, for example, means cleaner and more economical driving. No particulate matter is emitted and electricity is cheaper than fossil fuels. So the choice is yours, because “you’re in charge”. At Ecotap we are committed to making that choice as easy as possible for you. We do this by continuously innovating: better and even more beautiful charging points. In doing so, we use maximum willpower, among other things through our “jump-out powers”. These are colleagues who, for whatever reason, previously had difficulty entering the labor market successfully. Team members who prove their unprecedented value with above-average efforts every day. Because at Ecotap everyone who wants to stand out in one way or another is “in charge”.


Ecotap ambassadors

Would you like to become a family member of Ecotap, but you are not yet sure who we are and what we do? This video gives a good impression of Ecotap as a company and what we stand for. These are the words of Koos (Embedded Software Engineer), Carola (Planning coordinator of our service engineers) and Andrew (Sales employee).

Ecotap ambassador Carola

Ecotap ambassador Koos

Ecotap ambassador Andrew

The certainties of Ecotap

The advantages of Ecotap charging stations

Electric driving, transporting people or goods with electric buses or trucks? Ecotap uses the latest techniques and designs for you to achieve the very best; faster, smarter, more innovative, more beautiful and more sustainable. That makes you and us frontrunners, because with an Ecotap charging point you always have the most innovative available. That is why we mainly look ahead. After all, technological progress means the difference between the present and the future. All our 63 team members are committed to this every day, with knowledge, skills and passion. A charging solution from Ecotap is therefore never just a charger. Be “in charge”. Also go Eco-tap.

Together Ecotap

Within Ecotap we believe in an inclusive society. Everyone has talent, everyone is special and everyone participates. By empowering people, an unprecedented amount can be achieved. Together we make Ecotap special. Special for you, because we keep focus on your interests: getting everything possible from your charging point. To this end, we have team members within the development & engineering, purchasing & assembly, quality control, transport & assembly, communication and sales departments.

Creating the world's best charging infrastructure for electric mobility in the most sustainable and socially responsible way

Arranged in 4 simple steps

  1. Free consultation

    Via our helpdesk – +31 (0) 411 74 50 20 we would like to inform you about the specifics based on your situation and expectations.
  1. Quotation

    You will receive a concrete proposal as soon as possible via the Ecotap dealer / installer. the information provided by you and recommended execution.
  1. Location check

    After providing your zip code, we are happy to show you the nearest dealer / installer.
  1. Installation

    After any questions have been answered and written agreement to the quotation, the installation of your Ecotap charging solution (s) will be planned and executed.

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