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Our helpdesk is available 24/7 to solve the malfunction
of your charge point as soon as possible.
Please call:

TEL: +31 (0) 411 74 50 20


Frequently asked questions

To be able to use your charging point you must first activate it in 2 mandatory steps:

1. Create an account as a company or as an individual.
2. Call our Helpdesk to activate your chargepoint: +31 (0) 411 74 50 20
  1. Connect your charging plug with your charging point
  2. Connect your charging plug in the car
  3. Hold your pass over the scanning point of the relevant charging point.
  4. Wait until you hear a beep (within 3 seconds). If the light turns blue, the charging process starts.
  5. You can end the charging process by holding your pass over the scanning point again, waiting for the beep and then disconnecting the plug.


Status indication

  • Flashing Green: Standby
  • Blue: Charging
  • Flashing Red: Card unknown or cable not properly connected
  • Red: Charging Point not available/Malfunction
  • Green: Battery full

Here you can create an account as a company or as an individual.

If you already have an Ecotap account you can request a charging card/key through the contact form in your account. 
The contact-form can be found there by clicking on the envelope icon in the top right corner of the green bar.
Enter your customer name, customer number and the number of cards / keys that you want to request.
The first 2 passes are free, thereafter they cost € 2 per item excl. VAT.
The price of a chargepoint  key is € 5.95 excl. VAT.
For shipping abroad we ask shipping costs.

1. Check whether the switch in the meter cupboard is switched on

2. Check whether the earth leakage switch in the charging system is switched on (watch instruction video)

Warranty Plus contract

Extend your warranty with 4 years with the Warranty Plus contract:

You can take out a Guarantee Plus contract with Ecotap per charge point for € 316.00.
The condition is that you conclude this contract within the first year of purchase.
The Guarantee Plus contract has a duration of 4 years.
If you want to be able to load carefree, we advise you to do this so that you have no additional costs

Installation manual Charge point Duo

Installation manual DC Wall charger

Manual reset Charge point Duo

Manual reset Wallcharger Duo

Ecotap app

Do you have an electric car and are you looking for a charging station to charge your car? With the Ecotap app you can easily search for (available) charging stations, start and stop charging sessions and view old completed transactions.


  • Easy search for charging stations: you can search by location, e.g. zip code, city or street name, search for charging stations in a specific place. Are you looking for charging stations in your area? Then you simply search for your current location and you can see all charging stations nearby. It is also possible to search for charging points on the map.
  • Take into account old (completed) transactions. Via the application you can easily consult information about transactions. Information such as location, expensive charging session, charged energy, transaction costs ect.
  • Start transactions with a charging station. Why walk around with a passport when you always have your phone with you? The application allows you to easily start and end transactions. You can check the status of your charging session at any time. Is your car fully charged? You will then receive a notification (if desired).

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