ECClite – Ecotap Controller Configuration

Ecotap presents ECClite, as a software toolkit to configure your charging station:

  • You use this tool to connect a laptop to the charging station, in the case of special interventions to reconfigure or update your charger.
  • This toolkit is used for maintenance and service and only if you have allowed access to the station in accordance with, owner, installer and/or operator.
  • In all other cases use the OCPP compatible backend.

Download and read the manual before proceeding:

ECCLite is the primary software toolkit to configure Ecotap stations and the only publicly available tool that can be used without specific training/certification.

Latest Manufacturer Advised Firmware Releases

EVC5 Version 32 Revision 32 – AC

Read the release notes and the manual to check if this firmware version is applicable to your situation.
Read to find out for what controller platform this firmware is applicable and what specific technical functionalities you might need in your situation.