The developments in electric driving obviously do not stop at the passenger car. The need, the present and the desire to make electric driving accessible and possible for other modes of transport (such as company transport) are not new. Nevertheless, the market for electric driving in vans, for example, is developing differently from the private market, partly due to the motives of leasing for passenger cars.
But brands are clearly gearing up for a greener business future as the range of electric cars for business transport grows significantly. The choice to go for an electric company car therefore seems more and more obvious. And that has its reasons.

Sustainability as part of your business

It does not have to be strongly ideological in your company vision that you want to do business with attention to the world around you. We find a sustainability point of view in more and more companies and that must of course be more than a nice idea on paper or website. The ways in which mobility is implemented is an area that is often looked at, and that includes the company car (fleet).
Because municipalities and government also find their way to company transport through subsidies, the choice is sometimes not that difficult for many companies and the cost considerations have also become an advantage rather than a disadvantage. Electric driving is becoming more and more accessible, which means that the price aspect is also shifting.
Also not unimportant are the political sounds that in addition to the normal passenger car lease car that must be electric from 2025, company cars must also be made mandatory electric (possibly from 2027).

Environmental zones

In recent years, companies that have a lot to do with transport within cities have often had to choose greener alternatives (new cars, for example) simply because the increasingly strict environmental zones make it impossible to enter with just a car.
The number and size of environmental zones are growing every year in the Netherlands and beyond, which makes it great for companies to act in them. Electric commercial vehicles therefore fit in well with that choice and are a very good option for the short AND long term.

Range and charging infrastructure

The same doubts that we heard from private drivers until recently are of course still important for the commercial vehicle driver. You want to be able to maintain sufficient distance to effectively organize your working day.
The developments in electric cars have made a big difference in this, now that the average range of cars has improved significantly. At the same time, especially in the Netherlands and Europe, we ALSO talk about a daily growing network of charging points, which makes the option for (fast) charging easier and more accessible than before.

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