Fire safety in parking basements under discussion

Reports have recently appeared in various media about fire hazards in parking garages in relation to electric cars and charging stations. The disaster is incalculable, especially in the event of fire in parking garages above which homes or shops are located.
In this article we explain why Ecotap charging stations are therefore extremely suitable for underground charging.

In this context, a fire in a parking garage can have two causes:

  1. Batteries
    Electric cars usually contain lithium-ion batteries. If those batteries catch on fire, this creates risks and a burning battery is difficult to extinguish.
  2. Charging stations
    Charging stations can also be the weak link if they are made of plastic and/or without temperature sensors.

Ecotap offers the solution in the field of fire-safe charging stations:

In the event of a fire in an Ecotap charging station, the internal temperature measurement will be carried out by means of a. sensors immediately switch off everything, the earth leakage circuit breakers will also be activated and eventually the internal main fuses.
The steel housing of our charging stations contributes to the safety of an outdoor/indoor fire by retaining the water resistance for as long as possible so that the charging column can simply be cooled with extinguishing agents.
The connected vehicles are disconnected at all times and made free of voltage if a temperature is higher than 70 degrees around or internally.
Should the cabling melt internally, it will close against the steel housing and ensure that the fuses will react.
Because the Ecotap charging column is completely made of steel, the electrical facilities will be protected until the last in the event of a collision.

Interested in a fire-safe charging station for your parking garage?

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