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Working with Ecotap emission-free in the Natura 2000 areas

“Ploegam is a contractor, especially in ground, road and hydraulic engineering. We actually do quite a lot”, says Maarten Munster of Ploegam. “Ecotap’s contribution is mainly related to the flood protection programme. This is a program from the Dutch government in which the dykes are raised so that we remain safe. There is continuous investment in this, because the water level continues to rise due to global warming. The dikes must be raised continuously, and Ploegam is the contractor for this.” But what exactly is Ecotap’s role within this process?

Electrification with Ecotap

Maarten continues: “Our work often takes place in natural areas. It regularly concerns nature from the Natura 2000 areas. This Natura 2000 network consists of areas designated under the Birds- and Habitats Directive. The government has been striving for some time to have the work carried out as emission-free as possible,” says Munster. “For example, Ploegam has actively started working on electrification. This means, among other things, that large excavators, such as trucks and tractors that we use, run fully electrically. All this equipment must of course be charged, and then you end up at Ecotap.”

Collaboration with Ecotap

“Ecotap came into our picture when we started looking for a reliable supplier who could sustainably meet our charging needs. The reliability of Ecotap in particular appealed to us”, says Munster with satisfaction. They also offer a very wide range. Ploegam have taken a large part of that. We have been working with Ecotap since 2021.
I can describe the collaboration as ‘short lines’, it is literally close by. That is very nice for fast gear changes. With a charging station you also have the charging issue surrounding it. This quickly makes it quite technical. It is nice that you can get in touch quickly to determine what is needed and in what situation. Because every situation is different. The Ecotap charging stations also have a smooth delivery, which is very nice.”


“For the future, a successful continuation of the collaboration lies ahead. A relationship in which Ecotap remains supplier of our charging solutions. We have great ambitions and trust that Ecotap will remain partner for us in electric charging. She fully lives up to expectations with a clear and solid product. It is a reliable brand with, as I mentioned, a wide range. After all, there is never a standard solution: a standard product that you can use. It is therefore extremely pleasant that you can choose from several flavors at Ecotap. Ecotap does that very well,” concludes Maarten Munster.