“Business hybrid, private electric”

Why did he choose the Volvo XC60 for an electric car? “Because I have a Swedish wife.” Jesse Boeijen (32) from Cuijk says it with a smile. He has been driving the plug-in hybrid for his work for a year and a half. That works so well that a second car was recently added: a fully electric Fiat 500. Both cars are charged at home in Brabant at an Ecotap charging station.

Jesse Boeijen knows how to appreciate the better joys in life. As an independent agent, he sells truffles, high-quality delicacies. He does this under the name Tartufi. For that he makes a lot of kilometers, both in the Netherlands and in Germany. He deliberately drives a hybrid, in view of the distances he makes. “I drive small parts electrically, but on the long distances I like to be able to refuel.” Jesse also consciously chose to charge at an Ecotap charging station. “At Ecotap you as a customer really get the feeling that it’s all about you. What you want is listened to and a very personal approach is then tailored to it. That is very nice. In addition, the service is good and that they are always available. ”

Full battery

Jesse generates the power to charge his car, or better: cars, with solar panels. “That is all billed automatically, from business to private”, it sounds satisfied. “When I’m at home, I always hang the Volvo neatly on the charging station. With a full battery it also just drives better, you feel that it has more power. Hybrid driving suits me better than I thought. I also really like the powertrain. I think the combination of electric driving with the fuel engine is the best of both worlds. And if you can charge at home, you are actually covered for the Dutch market, if you do not drive more than 300 kilometers a day. ”

Jesse prefers to drive short distances electrically. “That feels friendlier”, he puts it. “And it makes a huge difference in fuel consumption.” The fully electric Fiat is a very good second car. “My wife enjoys that. That car can also enjoy the same charging station as the Volvo. It almost feels like we have our own petrol station at home, especially since we also generate our own energy! ”