The fleet of the future – how do we make it sustainable?

A lot is happening in the field of sustainability. In all kinds of aspects, in all kinds of areas and in all aspects of our business and personal lives. And although electric driving fits in very well with that, there are more things that can and should make our mobility more sustainable. The world around us is changing and we are changing with it. In what we find important, in how we shape things and the choices we make. We as a person, but also as the companies we run. So.. how do we do that?

1. Electric driving

Yes, open door. But a door. Electric driving is an important step forward in (car) mobility that is better suited to a healthy future for us and our living environment. And although there are of course still challenges to overcome and we are continuously striving for even greener options, electric driving belongs in this list. Charging, not refueling.
It is therefore not surprising that from 2025 the government will focus on making all new (lease) cars fully electric and banning traditional combustion engines

2. Mobility budget instead of the standard lease car

Driving a car will not necessarily be the most important mode of transport in the future. Although for many people who live further away from their work, the car still represents the largest share of their commute, the focus will be on ‘the mix’ in the future.
The mobility budget instead of the lease car is a first step in this that stimulates (also) other choices to be made. And that can be versatile. New forms of traveling together, incidentally using public transport and, for example, using the bicycle for shorter routes from a joint budget of options. Or simply deploying a budget according to your own insight according to the frameworks that a company sets – even if that means that you ride together with a colleague more often.
In the future, the focus will be on ways of travel that are more effective and/or less harmful to the environment, with an umbrella of flexibility – choosing and composing yourself within a greener framework.

3. No own or another fleet

Based on the above points, you can imagine that the traditional fleet will no longer be there in a few years, at least not in this exact form.
In the least progressive case, petrol and diesel cars are increasingly being replaced by electric variants. In more progressive cases, you go to the flexible and changing forms of mobility that also exist next to the car.
This also means that the fleet will look different, the way of management will look different and that companies can really distinguish themselves from other organizations in their way of acting and facilitating in this area.

4. Electrical options for your business

Do you want to know what you can do to better serve your employees and guests with electric charging? Would you like to personalize charging points? Do you want to know which charging options best suit your company, target group and/or location?
We are happy to think along with you! Please feel free to contact us.